Peak Performance Leadership Journey - Liz Smith

February 7, 2019

Liz Smith is President and Founder of ‘Peak Performance Leadership Journey’ an executive coaching company for professional  women who aspire for greater achievements in their professional and personal lives. She holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and an Executive Master of Leadership degree from the University of Southern California. With more than 25 years of leadership experience, Liz is passionate  about empowering professional women to confront and overcome their limited beliefs and self–doubts, step out of their comfort and be the extraordinary human being they were created to be.


Glad Tidings India - Kathy Hack

February 4, 2019
Kathy Hack is a retired pharmacist, international speaker, and author. She passionately represents the not-for-profit Glad Tidings India.
Kathy has travelled to India several times with Glad Tidings India. She works side by side with her husband, Byron, who is the Executive Director of GTI. Their two children (25 y/o, and 18 y/o) who have both been to India, and are also passionately involved.
She equips hopeless, destitute women in India who feel imprisoned in their village with a way to richer life, so they can experience unconditional love, freedom from oppression, and create hope now and in the future.
By bringing literacy and empowerment to women, they can live in freedom and peace.  Most importantly, these women experience hope and everlasting life that only Christ can give!



Power Spending - Dr. Frederick James

February 4, 2019

Dr. James is the founder of the PowerSpending Academy, originator of the term “PowerSpending”, and author of the book “Spend Don’t Save”. Forthcoming books this fall (2014) are “Financial Cancer-How to cure with PowerSpending”, and “MiddleFinance”, a financial curriculum for children in grades 4 to 6.

He is the developer of the personal finance software, “IONMYCASH”, and the “BucketBank” product, a wealth manager for living well with better health and more wealth.

He is dedicated to the sharing of experience and exchange of expert information with multi-talented individuals who are striving for success. Through coaching, he helps individuals who want that proper balance of competing life forces which includes integrating and controlling personal desires, developing and maintaining a career, having a family, developing and exploring one’s dominant skills, and pursuing an entrepreneurial interest.

Currently, he is president of the Southwest Children’s Health Center Foundation, visiting pediatric cardiologists, Kijabe, Kenya, a sponsor of the Early Child Development Centre of Kijabe, and Past President of the American Heart Association Western States Affiliate.



DC Solar Investments - Dave Christadore

November 28, 2018
Dave Christadore is owner of DC Solar Investments and co-founder of the Note Peer2Peer Mastermind, where he educates clients and handles creative finance real estate investments.
Dave shows Real Estate Investors and people who want to be Real Estate Investors, how to increase their monthly cash flow with little to no money out of pocket so they can break out of the Rat Race and Live Life on their terms!

JAFRA - Evelyn Abernathy

November 28, 2018

Evelyn Abernathy is a Beauty, Health and Wellness owner providing quality products, education, and services to many at  She is a leader, trainer and business coach for men and women wanting to build their income.  She teaches families how to have great skin, head-to-toe and look and feel confident using products from her 4 departments: skin care, makeup, fragrances and bath & shower/spa.   


Entrepreneur’s Insurances Services - Janise Graham

November 28, 2018

Janise Graham is the Chief Insurance Strategist at Entrepreneur's Insurance Services.  EIS helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop a succession plan to protect the future of their business, employees and their families.

With more than 23 years of experience in the financial services industry, Janise is well-versed in her specialty area serving business owners. She helps entrepreneurs plan for unexpected situations  impacting businesses such as a disability or death of a CEO. 



Assisted Living Locators - LeeAnn Allman

November 28, 2018

LeeAnn Allman is an eldercare advisor at Assisted Living Locators. LeeAnn has been coming alongside families with aging parents who are experiencing a health crisis for the past 6 years. She routinely draws on her 25 years of insurance services to assist families and seniors to better understand what coverages are available in their Medi-Care and Medi-Cal coverages.  


Visual Marketing Services - Bethany Sunny

November 27, 2018

Bethany Sunny is the founder of Bethany Sunny Visual Marketing Services, designed to help small business owners thrive in any economy. Today’s environment is fiercely competitive and Bethany’s only goal is to help her clients thrive even in the current climate. Why experiment or leave to chance what you can learn from the experience of a coach who can strip away the uncertainty and drive your productivity up and increase revenue?

Bethany is a business coach and mobile app. creator, helping businesses increase their revenue so they can thrive not dive.



5 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Back Office Chaos - Sandra Hill

April 21, 2018

Sandra Hill is an experienced Back Office Specialist, bookkeeper, organizer, trainer, speaker and mentor. Her company works alongside entrepreneurs and business owners strengthening their Back Office infrastructure. With a career foundation in Information Technology combined with over 10 years of Back Office services to businesses and entrepreneurs, Sandra offers strategy sessions, mentorship and monthly Back Office services to business owners who want to strengthen the well-being of their business.   


Over the River and Through the Woods - LeeAnn Allman

December 20, 2017


As an adult child of aging parents, you will be affected when your parents have a medical emergency.

Learn how to identify:

 * Red flags which could alert you early to the needs for additional care.

* Identify financial records, medical records, and legal documents your loved one must have in place BEFORE they need care.  

* If you live more than an hour apart, at what point should you go to where your parents live and spend time with them to assess their true abilities, meet their neighbors, and doctors.

LeeAnn Allman has been coming alongside families with aging parents who are experiencing a health crisis for the past 6 years. She routinely draws on her 25 years of insurance services to assist families and seniors to better understand what coverages are available in their Medi-Care and Medi-Cal coverages.